The Sanhedrin eBook

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The Sanhedrin is a suspenseful novel that is read in one breath. The book reveals for the first time in history, the true story of the Messiah that walked the earth 2000 years ago, and how he was betrayed by his people, the Jewish people. This is the story of the greatest “miss” in history, and how it was concealed, to delete all evidence, almost…

The fascinating story of the incredible life of the son of God that walked the earth, His meteoric rise to the top of the Tora Religious world. His falling in love with The Jewish people leader's daughter, And his exciting relationship with a beautiful queen from a distant land. A story of love and jealousy that changed and influenced humanity for the last 2000 years. The story takes place in the colorful Jerusalem a city of many markets, a mixture of tongues and luxury palaces a trade center between east and west with the most magnificent Temple.

The author, Ronit Lev Ari is a spiritual teacher and healer. She channels Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and wrote a sequel to the Book of Zohar, revealing a secret cipher that was encrypted within the text of the Holy Bible, the Torah. This is her second book to be published.

”The historical scent and the “weight” of the Period are well felt between the words, and creates with the help of excellent language, Fine handwriting “

Yuval Nissani Chief Lector, “Niv books”.