The New 2022 Passover Haggadah -English (Printable)

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The new Haggadah can be downloaded to your computer as a pdf file, after the payment of about NIS 17. You will receive the file in your email where you can download the Haggadah and print it on a home printer as the number of guests invited for the Seder night. You can open the file as an e-book on your devices. The Haggadah can also be used as an addition to the traditional Haggadah.

The new Haggadah
2000 years ago, the Jewish leadership faced a great challenge, the Temple was burned and destructed, after long years of siege and a cruel civil war between the walls of Jerusalem. Furthermore, they knew from prophetic visions that the Jewish people are going towards two thousand years of exile, they saw the holocaust and the danger of extinction that will exist over the Jewish people. They planned a new social order around the synagogues to replace the Holy Temple, wrote the books of prayers, and created the order of the feasts and Shabbat days to be celebrated in communities and families.
The sages used the Haggadah to highlight the need for intergenerational transmission of knowledge, “tell thy son” was meant to preserve the Jews and the Jewish religion, and they did. The state of Israel is strong and prosperous, most of the Jews still live in the diaspora, yet they remained with a common denominator,
Nowadays we stand at the gate of the sixth millennium, the needs of the people have changed, and the state of Israel is facing great challenges similar to the rest of the world.
With this Haggadah, we offer a bright positive view of the future, a relevant text to our days, which includes sacred knowledge of the most precise essence of this Holiday.
We want to create a wide consensus a mutual vision of the future, we know that our thoughts and words influence our lives. We know that together by the power of many we can manifest and create a new reality.
It is our responsibility to choose life, to visualize redemption as heaven on Earth, to acknowledge the divine within us, our spiritual might of co-creating, of being partners with God. The new Haggadah urges us to open our hearts and minds to receive the light.
One of the pre-eminent sages, which was identified by his close colleagues as the Messiah, emphasized the need to pray from the heart and to pray a new prayer every day. (Rabbi Eliezer the great). He called us to coronate the kingdom of light, and cultivate faith.
The counting of the ten plagues, each year, with the act of dropping the wine into the water, as the blood, is a reconstruction of victimization and slavery. It is up to us to create an environment and state of mind to receive blessings. The new Haggadah wants to take the law (the Halacha) of Rabi Eliezer the great and to put it to practice. In the post corona world, we find more solidarity amongst humanity, we want to crown God who promised us a world of equality, peace, and harmony, Heaven on Earth.
The new Haggadah facilitates a night of blessings, it enables you to tell thy son the words of the prophets to connect to a higher consciousness of peace equality plant-based nutrition, and unity amongst earthlings. In a simple and enjoyable text that involves the family in riddles and activities, the new Haggadah offers a feast for all people.


Spiritual preparations for the Seder with the new Haggadah,
Passover, is the spiritual beginning of a new year, on a magical full moon night we gather together family and friends to thank for the abundance that prevails in our lives. Take a private moment, please, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, feel your presence in the center of the skull and a little above, now, imagine a reality where anything is possible, a reality where anything that interferes with your life disappears, feel the pressure released from your body, now imagine the reality you want That exists now feel the relief and joy in your heart. Stay with this joy, this is the heavenly influence that takes place on the eve of Passover, plan the holiday to enable the atmosphere of receiving abundance. (If you have connected, you can guide your family and guests, this visualization on the eve of the holiday). Passover eve is a gateway to material abundance, the cleanliness of the house, the new order&organization, the throwing away of objects, or donating, all of which make room and way for new abundance, along with the preparation for the Pesach eve and the week of holiday thereafter.
1. Think and decide who do you want to share this magical night with, are you invited or the host?
2. If you are invited you can prepare a special gift for the hosts.
3. As hosts think about designing the feast table, the menu, and the seating arrangement.
4. Print the Haggadah in the desired number of copies, In advance, you can buy a transparent binder and put the Haggadah in it.
5. You can read the Haggadah first, and divide the reading passages amongst the guests.
6. The commandment "and thy tell your son" is the parent’s responsibility, prepare yourself and think about how you would like to tell your children the story of the Exodus from Egypt.
7. Prepare at least one Bible book on the table, in the Haggadah, there are riddles from the Torah. If you have the custom of the food blessing after the meal, add a suitable prayer book next to the Bible.
8. Prepare a list of songs with your favorite current songs, you can also use songs from the traditional Haggadah.
9. If you are a host you can assign tasks to invitees, family, and friends.
10. In conclusion, this evening has the effect of a fresh start, be prepared for acceptance by
Creating an atmosphere that allows happiness gratitude quality and prestige.

About the writer: Ronit Marie Lev Ari channels the fraternity of light a group of high souls and archangels. The sacred knowledge received from them touches the secrets of existence, their teachings can benefit your life. Some of them were present in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, they told her their stories and the events prior to the destruction of the temple that led to the creation of the Haggadah, and told her that today, the needs of the people have changed, and it is time for a new Haggadah. They emphasized many times to her the spiritual power of many who pray together. The new Haggadah is the story we want to pass to our children, a story of united people that changed their world, which chose faith over despair, blessings over curses and plagues, light over darkness. The story of the Jewish people is an allegory to the journey of the hero, we can all relate to. From meeting God that saved in a glorious Exodus from years of cruel enslavement to receiving the land of Israel, a home for the people, to losing it again. Then coming back to the land after being almost extinct.

Nowadays we stand at the gate of the sixth millennium, the needs of the people have changed, and the state of Israel is facing great challenges similar to the rest of the world.
The new Haggadah facilitates a night of blessings, a satisfying night of benevolence and pure joy, the simple and enjoyable text involves the family in riddles and activities. The new Haggadah offers a feast for all people.
The new Haggadah is a new text. 12 blessings and positive sayings that demonstrate the essence of this holiday, it offers a new experience of the “Seder night”, that elevates a prestigious self-perception for the believer. The Haggadah was created to be relevant to the changing needs of the Jewish people, and other nations.