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Thank you for supporting our work!
I am Ronit Marie Lev-Ari, the writer of "The Book of Maya" (Maya, referring to the name of God). I received sacred information from divine sources. This spiritual channeling, known in the kabbalistic legacy as "Magid" "the one who tells"
The data reveals sacred codes that are embedded in the text of the Holy Bible in a way that has never been seen. The codes create forms of light entities, angels, the Merkaba, the alignment of the worlds of light with planet Earth and more.
I transform the sacred data into spiritual practices that help and heal many people. My mission is to help people connect to their souls and live a fulfilled, happy life.
Clients who practiced the sacred codes reported a marked improvement in their quality of life and relationship, in reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and post-trauma.
By donating you allow me to create more meditations, courses, and E-books.
During the Corona Global pandemic, the level of anxiety and depression is rising in the world. It is more important now, to spread the light and believe in a better future.