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The worlds of light are getting closer to Earth, the influence of God and his Angels is getting stronger every day, it is our time, we are all light entities, to rise and shine the light of our divine soul. Our main purpose in life is to help people connect to their body of light and create the best life ever. By buying our products you enjoy and get the sacred knowledge, and become a part of our mission.

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A unique revelation in modern times, I am Ronit Marie I channel the white light fraternity and received sacred knowledge that reveals a secret cipher that is hidden in the Holy Bible. I had many spiritual revelations and miracles in my life, I have literally seen the light of God.
Some of the revelations were with my children. Me and my daughter Ola Osher, are dedicating our love to create a sacred space for you soul brothers and sisters, which are in the journey of spiritual ascension, to meet, to get support, to learn new tools and to receive the love of God.